Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shouldn't start anything more !!!

I really don't need to start any more projects and below is the proof!!! I also have a few I didn't even take pictures of including:

Double Irish Chain King Size
Alyssa's I-Spy Quilt still needs quilted and bound.
A very old log cabin I started a very long time ago!
and probably some others - and then there is these:

A 4-patch posies that I tried and just didn't care for - but will finish it.
This one is further along than it shows - but you get the idea.  I ended up using the gold for the sashing, but once I got this all together - it just doesn't talk to me.  This is the first try at 4-patch posie and I need to improve on the fabric selections.  This just doesn't give enough definition of the different blocks for me.  I've loved other people's results so I just need to keep trying.

These are 6" 4-patches that I've used as leaders and enders as I worked on other projects. I now have 70+ of them so plenty enough to make a throw for the car or the couch. This is all stash busting material - either left over from another project, scraps, or old fabric that I really just need to use up. The green fabric is very old.....I used to have curtains made in this fabric. It almost has a wood grain to it.

7 1/2" denim squares that I'm adding stars to. I have 45 of these finished and if I mix them with some plain denim, could have a healthy sized quilt!

There are 36 of these 6" squares - using up little bits of fabric that are too small for anything else.  I'm not making much of a dent in the box that holds those little bits though....I'm going to have to keep working on them.  I think they breed during the night or when I'm not looking!!

I thought I'd do something like the top photo of 4-patches, but they just don't look right on point.  I'll probably just do them in a regular setting.

This is the boxes that hold the "Morning Star" in progress.  While I have a plenty of the nickel blocks for this quilt, the little sashing pieces are taking me forever to get done.  To the left of the upper box is 100 in those 2 stacks, but I figured I will need close to 240 to make the size I'm wanting for a full size bed.  You can see some of the sashing in progress in the middle of the top box, and those waiting their corners to the right.

Have you ever thought of computer keyboard boxes for organizing your projects?  They are fabulous and don't take up much room.....thank goodness!!

This is my latest 'start'.  It's a Dresden Plate quilt that will have 3 different sizes of Plates.  The large one is made out of 7 1/2" blades (have 4), the middle size is out of 4 1/2" blades (have 7) and the small ones are 2 1/2" blades (have 7).  I have no idea how I'm going to put them all together, but I fell in love with the Kansas Troubles Butterfly Garden and these are all out of one layer cake.  I still have 42 nickels left out of the layer cake and haven't even cut into the Jelly Roll!!! 

Oh my - just thought of two more- but they're gifts - so I can't show them here the UFO count is 13!!
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