Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Virginia Quilt fabric is now a Quilt Top

     The fabric we bought nearly 2 years ago is finally made into a quilt top!!  I don't know yet how I will have it quilted, or if I will do that myself either by hand or machine, but at least I've got it this far.  My original post about these fabrics was back at:  http://mudpotter.blogspot.com/2008/07/these-are-prints-dh-and-i-picked-up.html
     May of 2009 when hubby and I drove to Virginia to meet the new grand-daughter, we were very impressed with the endless mountains.  Once in Virginia we found a quilt shop and began picking out fabrics to commemorate our trip.  All of the greens/browns in the main part of the quilt were bought in that Virginia quilt shop.  Since then I found the border print that I knew would be perfect for finishing off the frame of the quilt.  One of the blue sky fabrics was also purchase at that quilt shop, but I've since added a couple of others so I could create the broken, chopped up sky that I wanted to do.
     I learned several things with this quilt.  I learned that the ruler that I thought was a true 60 degree triangle really wasn't and I had to be careful about how I placed them in the quilt.  I didn't realize this at first and forgot a couple times along the way, so had to take out several seams before I got it right.  I also learned that the overall look of the inspiration quilt wouldn't be achieved because it incorporated a lot more lights intermixed with the darks to give the effect it had.   I also learned that sewing when my shoulders hurt or I was just tired wasn't usually very productive.
     We specifically picked out one fabric with the little white flowers, because we kept seeing lots of little white flowers along the roadside.   If you click on the above picture, you can see the larger version of the above picture.

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