Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4-Patch on Point top done

I finally got this top done. It will go with a couple of others to a nearby quilter to get the quilting done, then I'll get it bound and off the list.

The 4-patches are bits and pieces I've had in a scrap pile - just not enough to do much else with. The light colors are also scrappy though they don't show up as well.

The green is fabric from former curtains or table-cloth! I really don't remember - but I think it was a table covering from the holidays years ago. It has a woodgrain to it and I just loved it - - then!!

It was all assembled in the grocery sack fashion - don't look - just grab a 4-patch and put it in. There are several patterns bunched together and such, but that's OK for this one. It will probably go in a car and get used for a variety of reasons....so it really won't matter.

I'm glad to have this done, and I think we'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it - It turned out pretty darned good for scrap material IMHO.

Finished top 57 X 78 inches.
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