Sunday, April 12, 2009

I -Spy Alyssa

The core of Alyssa's I-spy quilt is now done as well.
I'm really happy how these two quilts have turned out. I was more consistent with the dimentional sashing of Alyssa's but many won't notice that unless you compare them side by side. Alyssa's quilt is different to that each block is different while Hannah's was done in pairs. I have enough of these blocks left that I believe I will make at least one more of these with left-over blocks. I really enjoyed this process and the results.

I still haven't decided how I will get them quilted. I have some information gathering to do. I'd better get going as I am starting to get these tops piling up!
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  1. WOW your attic windows pattern for your "I-Spy" blocks looks fantastic! ;) and that is cool that for one of yours you placed pairs in the same quilt.

    I recently finished my "I-Spy" quilt for my soon to be 5 year old... and the whole idea for the project evolved as she was turning 1... oops! LOL Like you I have lots left over - I did a swap a few years back on the HGTV board and since then several have mailed me their scraps of novelty fabrics... and good thing because I have soon to be 2 year old twins that I need to get started on.... they'd love to have a quilt like Nora's.

    Glad to have stopped by your blog - it's been forever since my last visit. I love your spoiled rotten dog pics ;) aaaaahhh how I'd love to be able to nap each day... ;) LOL

    I'm gonna update my blog list in my sidebar to include all the HGTV quilters that have blogs that I know about - and the ones with most recent posts will rotate to the top ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie