Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Warm Wishes Baby Quilt

Another granddaughter is due in July. The Mom wanted to decorate the nursery in a turtle theme. I came up with the turtle print, and the Mom, Dad, and future big sis picked out the complimentary fabric.
I wanted to make sure I got this one done before the baby arrived so I picked out a simple but prety pattern called Warm Wishes. I thought the name was appropriate too.

Here it is all laid out on the bed ready for stitching up.
The Mom picked out the yellow.

The Dad picked out the blue.
and future big sis Brittney picked out the orange because that is her favorite color.

I'm still new at this quilting business so I found someone to machine quilt it for me. Here it is once I got it back. This picture shows the back of the quilt. I needed to make the backing wider so I ran a strip of the turtle fabric down the center from top to bottom.

I'm not real happy with the quilting. It wasn't expensive at all, but I think it looks like it was quilted too loose. Only a couple of puckers in the whole thing though so we'll see how it looks when it's washed up.

It's not the greatest example of a signature block, but I wanted to show what I did with both the baby quilts I've done this year.
I made a 6 X 6 inch pocket on the back of each quilt so that a spare binky or whatever could be stored in the pocket ready for emergencies! I thought it was rather clever even if I am patting myself on the back!


  1. From reading your blog sounds like you haven't been quilting all that long but you have made some wonderful pieces - this latest one is so cute - I just love the bright colors! Your new little one will too, I bet!

  2. I love this blanket. The colors are bright and fun. The pattern is mesmorizing. I think Alyssa will enjoy it for a long time.

  3. What a cute little baby quilt! I'm going to be a first time Nana next June to twins and need to put on my thinking cap for a couple baby quilts - just love this patterns and the colors are so bright.

  4. Hmmm - that Anonymous write was me Gina! Nicki Lee LOL!