Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fractured Sky

Close-up of sky:
There was questions about how I created the sky for this quilt.  I got the idea from a method shown on You tube:
Cut out several 14" x 14" pieces out of 4 different fabrics for the sky and stacked them up together.  Then I cut an off kilter line across those squares. 

*Take on piece off the right side stack and put it on the bottom of that stack.  Take these two stacks to the sewing machine and start sewing the top piece from each stack back together and press the seams.    Stack them all together again and make another cut.  (Repeat from * until you get the look you want.)

In the end, I ended up adding little scraps here and there, cutting some of the 'fractured blocks into strips, and just played around till I was happy with all the chunks on the design wall.  Then I sewed them up and attached them to the rows of mountiain fabrics.

While this method isn't something I'll likely do again real soon, I like the effect it gave to the sky over the original piece of all sky fabric.

(Click on any of these pictures to view them in a large size.)

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