Sunday, December 5, 2010

Table topper - Mini Quilt - Dolly Quilt ??

I guess this will end up being whatever the person getting it wants it to be.  I believe it could be used for any one of the choices, or all 3 depending on the whim.

It ended up being 16 X 21 1/2 inches which would qualify it as a mini quilt.  I believe it will be very close to the right size for a doll cradle where it's going, and I could easily see it on a buffet or table. 

This is the print that I used on the back.  Again, it could be used for all the uses I've already mentioned.

I can see all the girls in our family in this print.  My mom loves cardinals, one sis is a bird lover, another has snowman dishes, and I just love the trees.  hmmm  wish I had more of this fabric now!

This view shows the twister pinwheels a bit better - and the machine quilting I did on them.

I'm tickled with the way it turned out.

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  1. I love your quilting closeup of your mini twister! Really makes them pop. Perfect fabric for the backing too!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie