Monday, March 22, 2010

Day & Night baby quilt delivered

Our first grandson is here!  Even though I was counting on him waiting till my birthday to be born and be my birthday buddy, we're thrilled that Brian Thomas has made his appearance on the 17th and everything is going great.  I just got pictures of him with his quilt that I made him.
I put minky fabric on the back to make it super soft then hand quilted it.  I still have to quilt in the big stitch mode, but that worked out just fine for this quilt. 
The Day & Night pattern gives you 3 quilts in one.  The main quilt above, and 2 smaller quilts with the leftover pieces after you've cut the first pattern.  I made DGD a quilt for her dolly to match her little brother's quilt.  Here she decided that little B needed to cover up - so she went and got her dolly blanket to put over him.  I think this is just adorable!! 
The baby quilt has warm and white batting.  The dolly quilt has no batting. 


  1. Beautiful quilt and handsome new grandson! Such a good grandma you are to make a blankie for DGD's baby! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your Night and Day quilts! I made a queen sized one for my cousin and it is out getting quilted now..I am on quiltville with you, but now I have added your blog to my blog roll too!