Friday, August 26, 2011

Zippy Snap Bag

I've been eying these little snap bags for quite a while now and decided to take the plunge when I needed something for the car to organize the little bits of things you need like mints, pain reliever, pens, toothpicks (for the DH) gas and car-wash cards etc....

We have a covered tray in the car, but all those things had to be taken out to vacuum  or clean it - and I've often wanted those things in my purse.   If I could make something that kept necessities that I could pop the whole thing in my purse and return that I think that would be I made up this little bag and it seems to work just great.  

I really like the results, but want to modify it a bit more, and possibly make a few more for gifts.  I'm thinking with straps it could be a good little shopper bag since I've completely stopped carrying a real purse anymore.

UPDATE: 12/4/2011  While I haven't done much sewing for several months now, I have made a couple more of these now and wanted to show the new ones.
This one is the result of my attempt at documenting step-by-step directions for these little bags.  My instructions are in the testing stage and should be available soon.
This is one I made a while back, and I use it to hold small items in my purse.
.....and below is the reverse side of the same bag, with pen holders and a place for receipts or anything I want to keep separate.

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