Friday, April 9, 2010

4-Patch Posie Improved

Remember the 4-patch posie that I didn't like? I was playing around with some of the left-over fabric and decided to try the blocks on the left....can't remember their name right now... anyway the smaller wedges and more repetitions really make a difference for this fabric.

Earlier the quilt ended up at 46 X 56 - not really big enough to me because I think a quilt should cover both the shoulders and the toes to truly be functional!! When I added the additional blocks, it stretched the finish size to 46 X 72 - ah..... much better!

Forgive the poor photo. (Cell phone and no good place to hang a quilt for photos, but I wanted to get it documented that I'm now happy enough to call this top done. Off it goes to the short stack to go to the quilter.
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