Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another one bites the dust

I just finished this quilt! Yeah it's been in progress for a while now. I started out working on it only as a leader / ender project, but I got impatient and started making up blocks..... for a while anyway, then it got pushed to the side and nothing got done on it. I guess you could say it was done in 'spurts' because there isn't any one time that I did a lot of the work. It's at least 2 years in the making.

The green background fabric is as old as my kids probably - and they're either looking for (or found) 30!! The 4 patches are a mix of leftovers from old garmet sewing and 'new' projects. I had it quilted by a lady in a nearby town that is both fast and cheap. The backing was formerly a bed sheet that is wonderfully soft and cozy.

One of the best thing about this quilt is that it used up some fabrics I couldn't bear to throw out, but not enough to do anything else with. Though I'm inclined to gather and collect fabric to make scrappy quilts, this one is just that - Scrap! And the bestest thing about this quilt is....... It's Done!!

 I posted about this project almost a year ago here

It feels so good to have some of these done, but I know I'll never really catch up - I've got too many more I'm just itching to start up!!

This one went to Megan's house.
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