Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Mug Rug

I'm trying out different quilt block patterns to see what I like and get an idea of how they go together so I'll know if I want to make a full quilt out of them. Then I make a Mug Rug out of the results.
This is the Tumbling Blocks pattern done in the traditional way. I piddled around with it, but it took me ALL DAY and only ended up a little more than 7 x 12 inches.

I really like the look of the finished quilts I've seen and still want to make one, but I'll find another way. Quilters cache has a paper pieced one, and Marci Baker has the strip pieced method that I'll have to give a try. I do like the black and white, I like the way (most) of my points met, but I'll have to find another method.
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  1. Bummer to hear how much work this was, because it is gorgeous and one of my favorites you have ever done. I really love the black and whites and how they give an almost "optical illusion" feel with the shapes and boxes. Great job. :-)

  2. This one and it's complimentary mug found their way to Japan to Mikayla who seemed to like it so much.