Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cell phone case from HGTV Pajama party

Posted by PicasaThe girls at the HGTV board had a pajama party last night and we made cell phone cases. I had a blast.  Here is the cell phone case that I made with the butterflies.  It fits the phone nicely and will protect it from those nasty scratches.    After I was done with that I still wanted to do something else and I'd been struggling with wanting to do another needle case for take along projects.  The second pic is the result.  I made the pocket only about 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom and put magnetic cards that I cut up from a larger sheet.

 These hold my needles that are threaded. I could fit cards of 8 - 10 colors. There is a folded pair of scissors under the tan needle flap held with elastic (extension of elastic holding the seam ripper). It all rolls up just right. The green felted material I used for the lining is a bonus thread catcher!! 

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  1. This turned out beautifully!
    I love the idea!

    Have fun making these!